Chelsea Pray
2012 - Materials and Techniques
Coleman Gilbert
2011 - Comic Scene

MY ZINES, each containing sketchbook scans. Only 5 of them because everything is busy and I’m kind of broke right now. If you’d like one, I’ll draw you both a front and back cover! $3.50

I’ll have these at MCAD Mini-Con this Friday from 12—6pm but if you’d like one from the internets then I can send you one, too! I’ll keep selling these until I run out of books :D
On the left is  ∞  which costs $4 and comes in orange or blue (inside is the same comic).
On the right is Doe Deer which is $2 and only comes in peach.
I’ll draw in either one for free, or if you want something a little more finished, I’ll do $5 2-color drawings on 4x6 bristol and mail them along with the comic.
Shipping in the US is $2.50 (doesn’t matter how many minis or drawings you get, it’ll be the same shipping rate).
PLEASE REBLOG THIS!!!! On April 1st at midnight CST I’ll choose one random reblogger to receive one of each mini, plus a 4x6” 2-color drawing (and maybe even some extra goodies), all for free.