Sketch book character design by Nina Jepson from Barabara Schulz’s Introduction to Comics class.
Sharon Hu Sun’s sketchbook environmental studies for Barbara Schulz’s Comic Scene class. 
Special guest Kevin Huizenga visits students in Barbara Schulz’s Advanced Comics Seminar. 
Barbara Schulz’s MCAD Comic Scene students reinvestigate familiar surroundings for scene as character study. Erik Munson foreground.
Favorite panel of the semester. Thanks for a GREAT class, guys!


-Sarah Huisken
Sarah Johnson, Comic Scene,  Fall 2013
Chan Chau. Comic Scene.
Sunday Page Assignment by Sarah Huisken
A restriction comic collaboration: Dawson Walker, JC Menu, Kevin Huizenga. At MCAD.
My Comic Art students working on a  restriction exercise with the guest comic artists of PFC4.
Dash Shaw looking over the work of MCAD MFA Comic Art Student HeeYun “Jacklyn” Kim following his public talk  March 8th.