super blurry photo but MY SENIOR PROJECT NEARLY PRINTED OUT YAAAAY?!?! gotta hang tomorrow since the show opens on wednesday; i thought it was due TOMORROW morning until like an hour ago BUT THANK THE GODS IT ISN’T. still lots of work to do but at least i will get some sleep 8’)
it’s about as pink/purple/yellow as easter bunny vomit but w/e/ew/e/e/w i actually kinda dig it now that im seeing it all at once, the prints are lookin good too weeee

page 17 corrections. I think once it comes time to hang this thing up in the fall, I’m gonna just have this page as a print out, and the rest will be originals. Because I have done WAY too much digital editing to use the original.

The Life of Jane Austen.
Olivia Johnson
2012 - Intro to Comics